8 Year-Old Learns How To Drive on YouTube, Takes 4 Year-Old Sister to McD’s

You just can’t make this stuff up.

In a nutshell, an 8-year-old Ohio boy felt a sudden craving for a McD’s cheeseburger on Sunday night.  His parents had both crashed out after a busy day, and since he’s, well, 8, you’d think the story would end there?  Nope.  Not wanting to wake his parents, he quickly jumped on youtube “for a few minutes” to learn how to drive, grabbed his 4 year old sister and the keys to his dad’s van, and headed to McDonald’s.

He managed to navigate 4 intersections, stopped at red lights, and waited for traffic to pass before turning left into the McDonald’s parking lot.  Not sure I can do that.

“He didn’t hit a single thing on the way there. It was unreal,” says East Palestine patrolman Jacob Koehler, who arrived at the restaurant after police received reports from several people who witnessed the boy driving.


Can you imagine being the lucky drive-thru employee that night?

“When he pulled up to the first window, the employees that it was a prank”, Koehler  told CNN.

“The workers thought that the parents were in the back, but obviously they weren’t,”Koehler explained.

Koehler spoke to the boy, who admitted he had never driven before, but learned by watching YouTube. He told him he got the keys to his dad’s van by standing on his tip-toes.  When he realized that what he did was illegal, he burst into tears. The good news, no criminal charges will be filed, and they got to eat their cheeseburgers while waiting for their grandparents to pick them up.

This kid will rule the earth one day.




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