Reading Is Fundamental And So Are These Teaching Apps

Let’s face it, in the digital world we live in,  a book is like a plate of broccoli to your kids.  They are repulsed by its very presence, scoff at your suggestion to open it, and grab their iPad and poof…..gone.  Before you judge me, just remember the last time you took your kids to a restaurant and didn’t hand them your smartphone.  Anyone?  Well, here’s the best Apps out their for learning how to read.  Your guilt will be gone, and their digital crack addiction will be fed.  Check these out:


Endless Alphabet


Learn With Homer


Learn To Read


Feel Electric


Montessori Letter Sounds


Encyclopedia Britannica


Super Why Phonics Fair


Elmo Loves ABC’s


Play Tales


Reading Rainbow


Martha Speaks Dog Party




Bob’s Books / Reading Magic





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